At Nekter we understand the importance of implementing CBD in your daily lifestyle and have therefore conveniently packaged our finest CBD products. Our Grab And Go collection is perfect for someone trying CBD for the first time and who would like to try a couple of different things. The quick and convenient packaging makes easier for you to try CBD in its many forms and decide on which one is your favorite!


Our CBD edibles are THC FREE and a delicious way to have a CBD treat, even when you’re out and about! You can eat them on the move, or in between everyday tasks. They are a discreet and fun way to take your daily CBD. Our quick & convenient packing also makes taking your favorite CBD topicals with you everywhere even easier. Our Full Spectrum CBD formula helps soothe muscles and achy joints with its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.They are ideal for your on the go needs, while at work or even as a post work out recovery supplement. We take all the hard work out of implementing CBD in your daily routine.


If you are thinking of trying CBD, you’ll definitely want to check out our Grab And Go collection. We are proud to provide great tasting CBD edibles and our topicals will have you wishing you tried them sooner. Here at Nekter, we bring you not only an extremely high-quality product that uses the whole plant hemp extract, but also a product that is made with the highest quality ingredients.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.
What are some CBD benefits?

The benefits of CBD vary according to each individual, but could include assistance in supporting a calm sense of well-being, as well as promoting healthy sleep cycles. Our customers also use topicals to help maintain skin revitalization and promote a higher quality of life. Nekter CBD products are not designed to cure or treat any condition.

Can CBD gummies help with anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common issues faced by Americans. While CBD will not cure or treat anxiety, many of our customers have found that gummies help them manage everyday stresses. Furthermore, gummies are easy to conceal so you can eat one on the go. Just remember, as we mentioned, Nekter CBD products are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any condition or ailment.

Can CBD topicals be used for pain?

Our CBD products can be used topically by applying directly to the area of concern. Just keep in mind that Nekter CBD topicals are NOT designed to treat or cure pain, or any other medical condition or ailment.

How do I use a CBD tincture?

Our CBD tincture Grab And Go come in a silver dispenser tip pouch. We recommend placing it beneath your tongue and hold it there for 60-90 seconds before swallowing, just rip and drip.

What are some of the health benefits of CBD capsules?

CBD has been recognized as a product which may help provide users with a sense of focus and relief, while also helping support things like exercise-induced recovery. CBD pills are a convenient method of consuming cannabidiol, and are ideal for those who don’t like the natural taste of CBD oil. The effects of CBD will vary depending on the individual, so you won’t know how it can help you until you try it.

Will CBD capsules help me sleep?

CBD is starting to become increasingly popular with individuals seeking to live a more natural lifestyle. We have received feedback from our customers who say that our CBD capsules help support healthy sleep cycles.

I've never tried CBD topicals before. What can I expect?

An increasing number of our customers are purchasing CBD topicals to provide more targeted exposure of the cannabinoid to specific areas of the body. Our CBD topicals are extracted from premium-grade hemp that is organically grown in the USA. Our range of topicals also include ingredients such as aloe vera and mango butter, which is designed to provide a long-term soothing effect. And of course, since our entire collection of CBD topicals is sourced from industrial hemp, you never have to worry about getting ‘high’.

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